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Facts concerning your Caro74 Collection
Caro74 Loose Diamonds:
• Caro in Italian translates to “beloved.”
• The patent-pending cut of 16 additional pavilion facets makes
each and every Caro74 diamond catch your eye.
• The additional 16 facets can be viewed through the specially
designed Caro74 loupe. This unique loupe allows the retail
customer to easily distinguish the additional facets, especially
when compared to a common 58 faceted diamond.
• We strongly suggest using the Caro74 Loupe during
your sales presentation, especially to compare
the Caro74 diamond to a common 58 faceted
diamond with the pavilion side facing up.
The results will be amazing and the
customer will easily see the superiority
of the Caro74 for themselves. The
loupe is just one additional tool to
utilize in your sales presentation
to separate your store from the

Caro 74 LED Light: all Caro 74 stones should be shown to the

consumer under the specially designed Caro 74 LED light. This
light allows the stones maximum brilliance to be easily viewed!
• All Caro74 diamonds are laser engraved on the girdle with the
Caro74 logo and individual identification number which makes
the Caro74 diamond easy to identify if it is lost or stolen.
• All Caro74 diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute
of America (GIA), the most recognized and respected grading
laboratory in the world.
• The GIA certificate not only certifies the Caro74 diamond for
size, weight, color and clarity, but it also identifies the Caro74
logo and individual ID number. Furthermore, the additional
16 facets are clearly plotted on the certificate. These two
features must be pointed out to the customer during your sales
presentation as additional quality assurances.
• In addition to the GIA certificate, all Caro74 diamonds come
with a unique GemEx report. This proves to the customer,
through independent testing, the Caro74 diamond is superior in
light performance than a common 58 faceted round diamond. All
Caro 74 loose diamonds are registered on the GemEx website for
easy identification forever! Customers can access their diamond
using the individual ID number which is inscribed on the girdle
of the stone and listed on both the GIA and GemEx certificates.

• It is strongly recommended during your sales presentation that
you view the diamond’s GemEx report through our Caro74
website ( or through GemEx’s website (www. From either of these websites, you can view a live
demonstration of their Caro74 diamond’s brilliance!
• Finally, all Caro74 diamonds come with a deluxe portfolio which
showcases the GIA certificate and GemEx Light Performance
Report. This portfolio is another feature that allows you to
separate yourself from your competitors! It provides a memorable
presentation for the consumer, adding to the quality perception.

Caro74 Bridal

All Caro74 semi mountings also include 74 faceted melee.

As with the Caro74 loose diamonds, the Caro74 semi mountings 

have more sparkle than any other on the market today! During
your sales presentation it is very important to point out this
major advantage and compare the Caro 74 semi mountings to the
competitions using the Caro 74 LED light. To our knowledge, no
other company provides this feature in their semi mountings.
• All of the Caro74 bridals, where possible, contain platinum heads.
• All Caro74 engagement rings have a custom fit matching wedding band!
• All Caro74 bridal sets have a signature diamond located on the
outside of both shanks. The symbolic nature of this signature
diamond represents the uniting of the couple’s lives as the rings
are worn together after their marriage vows! We strongly suggest
during your sales presentation this feature is clearly discussed with
the customer because it is another impressive selling point.
• All Caro74 engagement rings and matching wedding bands have
Euro Shanks which, in most cases, help to prevent the rings
from spinning on the customer’s finger. Euro Shanks are another
feature that easily identifies and separates Caro74 from the
• All rings are clearly inscribed inside the shanks with the Caro74
logo for easy identification and further quality perception.

Caro74 Quick Facts

“Caro” in Italian translates to “beloved”
• 16 additional facets on the pavilion
• Additional facets can be viewed through the specially designed
Caro74 loupe
• The Caro 74 LED light should be used when showing the Caro
74 diamond
• Laser inscribed identification number on girdle
• G.I.A. certificate including the plot & ID number
• GemEx light performance report & life time registration
• Deluxe Portfolio to showcase your diamond and documents
• Specially cut 74 faceted melee outshines other mountings
• All Caro74 bridals contain platinum heads, where possible
• All engagement rings have custom fit matching bands
• Signature diamonds line up when ring and band are worn
• Euro Shanks keep rings from spinning or slipping
• All shanks are inscribed with the Caro74 logo for easy